Who We Are

A solution built to replace the costly and outdated systems organizations are currently using to manage their volunteers. We are creating a single network where organizations and volunteers are able to easily find each other. We’re former volunteer managers and fundraisers who know the time spent finding volunteers would be better used addressing the mission of making the world better. 

A single platform allows for a more efficient experience for all involved:

  • Organizations will have continual access to a pool of reliable volunteers
  • Volunteers will be able to control their level of involvement and refine their skill-set over time as they grow within an organization or volunteer across a number of organizations

Our Vision

Why We Do It

With years of experience in the industry our founding team knew one thing: there is a large amount of resources wasted in NFPs during the recruiting and retention of volunteers. Organizations have a large cost associated with finding, training, and managing their volunteers but the majority of that time and resource is spent in the first two categories. With a single platform providing volunteers, organizations are then able to select among suitable volunteers based on their volunteer history. With a list of qualified volunteers available they spend the majority of their time implementing rather than recruiting. 

Join Our Beta!

Interested in joining the network? Submit a demo request and one of our representatives will reach out to show you the platform and walk you through a personalized onboarding process.